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“I started my spiritual journey last October and was looking for guidance. I was given Patty's name from a friend of the family who had seen Patty a couple months before. She told me about her experience so I decided to contact Patty. I met with Patty for the first time in November. Everything she told me about myself was absolutely correct. She told me what to expect in the near future. I believed her but needed to experience it for myself. After experience what she told me would happen I went back to her a second time. The second time was about a month and a half ago. Again just like the first time she was right about myself and what will happen to me in the near future. I then attended a healing session about a month ago that her and Tara put on. This healing session was the most incredible experience I've had so far. Ever since the first healing session I've been a new person. Happiness, knowledge and love have filled my life since then.

These experiences I've had helped me heal, discovery my truth and purpose. I recommend Patty anyone that is looking to discovery their truth. I will be attending another healing session in a couple of days. I recommend this to anyone who wants to heal, nurture and grow their physical and spiritual self.”

Terrence Owen, Selkirk, MB

“I had the most wonderful experience speaking with Patty Magrath last night. My guides had told me that she would give me "pearls of wisdom" which I feel is an understatement. I feel that Patty very clearly pinpointed the area in my life journey that I must pay attention to right now in order to take the next steps. I was feeling rather stuck and trying to make a decision about my career and she was able to highlight all of the issues that were underlying my reservations. I knew without a doubt that what she was saying was hitting the nail on the head. It was "the missing piece of the puzzle" (her words) that I have been looking for recently ...and waiting for my whole life. Words of gratitude to your wonderful gifts Patty. And a heart felt thank you.”

Michelle Kathleen Smith, Ottawa, ON

“A year ago I met with patty for a reading and while I was shocked at some of the things she said would happen in the coming year, I was even more shocked when they all came true. Everything from getting an unexpected promotion at work, buying a house, having relationships with family and friends a change, positive changes in my health, etc. It was my first time being read and it was an amazing experience. Important people that had crossed to the other side came through with messages I'll remember forever and that I can only thank patty for. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with her again. Over the past year I've dealt with some mental health issues that I was hoping she would be able to provide some clarity on. While yesterday's reading was totally different than the first it was still great. It was not so much about my future but about healing me inside. Her powers as a healer are incredible. It was an emotional reading but she was bang on with almost everything! A very dear friend of mine that passed very suddenly at a young age just a couple of months ago came through, very briefly but enough to know that she's there with me everyday. 

Patty's ability as a psychic/medium/healer in just incredible and I urge those who have never had the opportunity to meet with her for a reading should do so. I was a bit of a skeptic before my first reading but now I'm a believer. 

Patty, thank you for what you do. For the advice and healing you provide. You've given me peace of mind and opportunities to talk to those that passed that I wouldn't otherwise have had the chance.

Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️!!”

Robin Legasse, Winnipeg, MB


Live with integrity and love everyone, you will build up an aura of love and light around you.

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